Getting Motor Direction Right – First Time

Improving the odds on motor direction

Would it not be great if you could get the motor direction right – first time – every time? No need to guess which direction the motor will run if you use a simple, yet effective, motor direction tester. This handy device will eliminate costly mistakes when you have to change a motor and you start it in the wrong direction. Imagine the damage a bucket elevator could cause if it runs backwards! (even if it is for a very short time)

How it works

There are several brands available so first off, read the manufacturers instructions.

Essentially, the device is connected to the terminals of the old motor, (note that it must be disconnected from the power) and you then spin the shaft by hand. This will give you the clock or anti clockwise indication on the tester. Now connect the test leads to the new motor in the same configuration, and turn the shaft by hand (turn it in the same direction you did on the old motor) You will now get your indication on the tester and you can see if it matches the direction you got from the old motor.

If it matches, you have the wiring configuration correct and you are ready to connect it. Easy as that

Not sure where you can find a tester? Check out our tools page and follow the link to get yours and avoid the Mechanical Department getting frustrated when you accidentally spin off a pump impeller:)