Installing lighting in your garden is more than just security. Use the lighting to create focus points, light up specific areas or features or ‘welcome you home’ as you approach.

Take a good look at your garden when it is dark and then decide where you need light, what you want to do in that area and then sketch a plan to determine where to place the lights. Now move on to the type of lighting you want. Ask your supplier what coverage you will get with their lights and base your calculations on that. Where possible, it is also a good idea to get them to do a night demonstration with their products.

Garden Light Double
Garden Light Staggered
Garden Light Trip
Garden Light Lolly

All lights, apart from the Lolly, are supplied with a 2.5m pole and pole cap. Lights are prewired from fitting with enough cable to reach the top of the pole. This makes connection easier for your electrician.

Standard colour is Cottage Green. Other colours available on request.

Light fittings in this range are 200mm Opal Spheres.

The Lolly is supplied with a 1.2m pole. Other lengths available on special order.

Price List:

Single          $180.00

Double:       $256.00

Staggered:  $256.00

Trip:             $333.00

Lolly:            $95.00