The Importance of “Systems”

This post is slightly different to what I normally do, but critical to every Service Business!

Let’s look at what I mean. You pride yourself on having a good memory and feel confident that you will remember everything you did/used on the day right? Wrong! We move so quickly between different jobs, find time to schedule jobs for the team and then make sure we have all materials on hand for the upcoming jobs, it is no wonder why we miss things. Even worse, we end up double booking jobs leading to the embarrassing phone call to reschedule. We have all been there and sadly, it is still happening.

Is there a solution? There sure is. There are a number of job management tools available that we can use to track every job as well as every bit of material used. The key is to commit to getting a system, and then USING IT!

It honestly is not that hard and it will save you money and time. Imagine being able to generate before and after reports, quick quotes, client sign off and invoicing as soon as you are done. Now add the ability to receive payments online. Honestly, what is keeping us from using it?

Do some research and find the best system for your business. (I use Servicem8) You want a system that is affordable but powerful if that makes sense? You need to be able to import material invoices directly, add materials to the job and track time spent on the job. The ability to take pre and post photos is fantastic. You can schedule your work and see exactly where your team is at any time.

I am just touching on the basics of what these systems can do for your business. Once you evaluate them, you will quickly see which is the best fit for your business

Till next time, stay safe.