Single Phase to Three Phase VSD

Time to Refresh our memory

With the popularity of the single phase to three phase Variable Frequency Drives, it may be a good time to refresh our memory. Too often we overlook the fact that this VSD (or VFD as it is known in some countries) has a three phase 230V output. Check the running condition on the nameplate of the motor. Here you will find that it is 415V in the Start Condition. This means that if you connect this the the VSD, you can’t connect it in Start!

Remember the Output Voltage

Your VSD has an output of 230V and not 415V in this case. If it was a standard three phase VSD, that would be different. In this case, where we use the single phase in – three phase out, our voltage is 230V. Now let’s look at how we connect the motor.

From the above, it is clear that we will need to connect our motor in the Delta configuration. Remember to check the running condition though as the motor may have been set up for different voltages.

Follow this rule and your single phase VSD will perform as you expected.

Until next time – Stay Safe and remember to test before you touch!